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Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping

10 Tips to learn the art of slowing the pace down

By July 21, 2019July 24th, 2019No Comments
  1. The first thing to slow down, is to focus on the breath, and take some big deep breaths.  When I breathe through the nose, down into the diaphragm, I have to shift my focus from what I’m doing to take those breaths, which many apps these days or even sponsored ads on social media pop up to remind me to take time for a breath.  This slows me down.
  2. Being present to what I’m doing.  I’ve heard it said that many people are all about the next “pretty shiny thing”.  I know it’s difficult not to get on the next bandwagon, but I find when I shift my focus onto doing that 1 thing, that always makes me slow down, when we are thinking about one thing to the next, in our thoughts, it can cause overwhelm.
  3. Allow for and create space between each next thing.  So often there is a rush mentality to get somewhere or do something.  We talk about women who multitask, but in actual fact, there is no such thing, we might be able to have more than 1 thing on the go, but we cannot work on more than 1 thing at a time.  Planning each day either the night before the morning of, is incredibly powerful, and can really give you a heads up on the flow of your day, and brings awareness of managing our time better, so we don’t have to rush, so we can enjoy the drive, or have time calved out for the little things, like what’s been packed in the school bag, etc.
  4. Savour the moment, by being grateful.  Gratitude for anything, your body, where you live, when we become grateful, or thankful, or appreciation of what is, that surrounds us, we take in the small things, and we feel ourselves in an expanded state of being, which we call happiness.  When we savour that, that joyful feeling, we slow everything down around us. Think about it when you are driving in the country, and you wanna put your arm out the window and feel that sense of freedom, that feeling is extended in that moment.
  5. Getting grounded, by putting our bare feet on the earth.  The sensation of connecting with the earth beneath our feet is one we do consciously, when we stand on the fresh grass or sandy beach, it is an act of awareness, we know exactly what we are doing, and we do it purposefully, when we do something purposefully, it automatically slows us down.
    Then while we are connected in, we might take in our surroundings, see the ocean sparkle, or watch the beautiful birds flying, and our senses become more in tune to the natural wonders ~ this is the art of slowing down.
  6. Practice feeling, you might do this while you are standing on public transport, or sitting in your favourite cafe.  If you have a notepad and pen, you can write down the feelings you are noticing, maybe it could be physical or emotional.  You might be feeling tension in the shoulders and neck that could be hunching you over, or you might notice that your hips feel uneven.  Maybe, you feel frustration, or sadness. Alternatively, you might feel tall, and strong, or pleased with yourself or all loved up. Taking the time to feel, mind and body, can create a subtle slowness in your time schedule.
  7. Living simply, when one starts becoming aware of their space, they realise things like their bin waste, and where their produce is from, the food mileage, how much fuel is being used etc.  Putting out the scraps into the compost, or growing something from seed in a garden bed, and watching it them go through the cycles of decomposing back into the earth or watching the seed become a seedling, into a plant, then producing something edible, by taking the time to refill a jar, by buying in bulk or making a product from scratch, be it jam or a sauce or a homemade handmade beauty product, instead of buying the next fad product, slows us down because convenience is a fast-paced byproduct of the instant need, instead of slowing the pace of life down to make something ourselves.
  8. Colouring in, this peaked in the early stages of mindfulness.  However, colouring in is timeless. Taking time to be creative or do some form of art, be it drawing, sewing, painting, beading or writing etc, being creative harnesses the beauty of slowing down.  We need to consider colours, textures, shapes, perspective, get in a new zone of being. Creativity takes time, most people say, when you are too busy to do that thing you want to do, it is the very time to do it.
  9. Sitting for no reason, sit on the floor, sit on a chair, sit in the car, sitting by the beach, sit on the lounge, sit on stairs.  For no reason, just plonk yourself down, and let yourself be with your thoughts, let them stream until you have a sigh of relief or you become aware of your breath again, and start looking out the window or into the distance, and begin to notice your surroundings and take stock of your daily schedule.  Let it be for as long as you need, that could be literally 1min – 5mins or even 10 – 20mins. Take a break in the day for yourself. We are not machines.
  10. There are so many things you can do to practice the art of slowing down, like going for a spontaneous walk, or reading a book, or pulling a wisdom card, or sit and watch the world go by.  Take a meditation class, or take the time to write out a daily intention, say a prayer, practice mudras, do some energy exercises or admire your crystal collection. Basically, it’s reclaiming your time back, and saying no to rushing from one place to the next, and sit with yourself or your family to live life in fulfillment.

About Rebecca

Rebecca is a certified clinical EFT Practitioner who takes care to work together with clients to make progress on emotional issues by holding a safe space, listening when required, and asking specific questions. Together we will take the time to find your core beliefs that will unlock hidden patterns, that can release energy blocks for you to gain a sense of letting go, deep relaxation and creating space for the new. All clients will take home resources to be able to work between sessions to keep supported on their EFT journey. Get started at home now with her Emotional Wellness Workbook, created to support you in tracking your emotions and energies. Main areas of interest are mother’s that are overwhelmed, stuck, and finding themselves repeating patterns from their parents, which they wish to avoid or clear. These emotions can show up in feeling unloved, unappreciated and unheard or even feeling a sense of loss of self. Working with children alongside their parents is also highly rewarding, creating beautiful bonds for both mother and child. Sessions available in person and online.