I’m glad you’re here…

Hi, I’m Rebecca

I am a certified clinical EFT Practitioner who takes care to work together with my clients to make progress on emotional issues by holding a safe space, listening when required, and asking specific questions.

Together we will take the time to find your core beliefs that will unlock hidden patterns, that can release energy blocks for you to gain a sense of letting go, deep relaxation and creating space for the new. All clients will take home resources to be able to work between sessions to keep supported on their EFT journey.

Main areas of interest are people that are overwhelmed, stuck, and finding themselves repeating patterns from their parents, which they wish to avoid or clear. These emotions can show up in feeling unloved, unappreciated and unheard or even feeling a sense of loss of self. Working with children alongside their parents is also highly rewarding, creating beautiful bonds for both parents and children. Sessions available in person and online.

Pro bono EFT sessions for domestic violence victims.

Find out how I can help you – contact me here.